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Digital Marketing

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The search engine marketing also known as digital marketing refers to all the marketing techniques used in digital media and channels. In short: the natural search (SEO), paid search (PPC), social networks, Community Management, Newsletters, writing content via a professional blog, the e-reputation, etc. located in San Diego CA explains how to improve your visibility on the internet thanks to Digital Marketing.

The Importance Of A Mobile-Friendly Site For Your SEO

This will enhance the experience of your users!

If I tell you UX, does it speak to you? No? Let’s rectify that: UX, of the English User Experience, is the path of a user or visitor on your site, what he sees, what he clicks. Just his experience on your site. And as more and more traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s essential that your website makes navigation easier!

Indirect Elements

For this, your site must be optimized to display correctly and quickly on mobile. So we say goodbye to the Internet version of the site that will make probably illegible on such a small screen! Improving the user experience also helps to work your SEO because many indirect elements can play on how Google perceives your site.

Mobile Friendly

The more your site is mobile friendly, the better it will appear on the smartphone, the faster it will load and the more likely you are to seduce the user and make them stay. You capture his attention, and he can then navigate within the pages of your site. Google interprets this navigation as a sign that your site offers relevant and exciting content.

Bounce Rate

On the contrary, if your site is unreadable or very slow to load, your bounce rate will increase, and Google will perceive your site as uninteresting. The bounce rate is the number of people who leave the home page without having visited more than one page

Play Video

This will also promote your indexing by Google

Having a website optimized for mobile, so it can better satisfy the user and make him want to stay on your page, in addition to gaining visibility! Good news for the image of your site and therefore, its SEO.

The threat has been hanging over webmasters for almost a year. Indeed, in April 2015, Google gives the warning that all sites should become compatible with mobile browsing or else be penalized and downgraded in the search results. The majority of webmasters were therefore committed to improving their mobile version. But Google did not stop there!