Trend Digital Marketing # 1: The Direct

Who has not seen, in recent months, videos posted “live” on Facebook?

This phenomenon, which is gaining momentum each week around the world, is interesting. Do you not know what it is? It’s straightforward: you share a live video and make instant participation for your community possible at a meeting, an event, etc. Many people are active and can even interact live in the chat which can even cause the site that the event is embedded on to encounter high search engine rankings.

Live videos have a future because they allow more flexibility: the user does not need to travel, to waste time in transport, to have his children look after: we watch the video from home or even of his Smartphone.

Also, studies show that Internet users stay three times longer on a video when it is broadcast live. Users take part in a “live stream,” and it brings life to the community. Through this, companies can engage their fans and subscribers and develop more engaging content and push their website position in the SERPs.

Just test once to realize that engagement is stronger and you can reach a wider audience. We tell you, live video is one of our favorite tools…

Trend Digital Marketing # 2:  Individualized Marketing

No time for mass marketing or SEO call the pros at Let’s leave room for a trend that is becoming increasingly important: ultra-personalization.

The mass uses of social networks, purchases on e-commerce sites allow you to reap a significant amount of information on each of us. The places know us better than anyone. Whoever noticed that a small advertisement appeared on the side of the screen, taking over a website that you had visited a few days ago? This is called remarketing. The giants of the Web (Google, Facebook, etc.) know our buying frequencies, our tastes and can thus send highly targeted advertising messages that correspond to our needs and our expectations.

Quickly, the user clicks on the advertising message and finalizes the purchase that he had not had time to do the day before. It’s fantastic!

Trend Digital Marketing # 3:  Connected Objects

They are everywhere around us and invade our daily lives.

T-shirts, glasses, bracelets, shoes: companies have the imagination to offer new connected objects. Who has not been tempted by the purchase of a watch that shows the number of steps taken in a day and calculates the number of calories burned?

More and more devices will be equipped with this artificial technology. The primary goal is to interact with consumers, and better meet their needs … or even anticipate them.