We must first understand that the response is working page by page since it corresponds to a new layout and display of content. This is, therefore, a long work but is essential!

To be mobile friendly, first, avoid using Flash for your animations because mobiles do not support it. Also, avoid pop-ups (small window that opens over your content) because they are often unmanageable responsive.

To facilitate touch navigation, try to separate each link (text or image clickable) so that the user can click where it wants, without making a mistake or end up on the wrong page. Also, make sure that the user does not have to zoom in to read your texts or see your images: the user does not have time for that!

If you use a CMS (Content Managing System like WordPress ), the optimization for mobile will probably be much more comfortable because many guides exist to help you in your efforts! Plus many themes (premium or not) are natively responsive!

You’ll understand: having a site optimized for mobile has become almost mandatory in 2016. Otherwise, your chances of being well referenced are minimal. Not only will a “mobile friendly” version be noticed by Google and your site will be better referenced per se. But not only!

Your optimization on mobile (displaying content and images, loading time, etc …) will also significantly improve the experience of your visitors. At a time when our phone no longer leaves us, Google users want to find the most relevant information quickly.

2017: New Trends in Digital Marketing

First of all, let’s start by shedding light on this term, which includes many things. Digital marketing, otherwise known as Web Marketing, covers all the techniques and tools that enable your business to succeed on the Internet.

It is still necessary that these techniques are relevant, striking and original!

We tell you this year is full of surprises. Indeed, 2017 is placed under the sign of technology. Whether you are a craftsman, SME or large international group, we have analyzed for you the significant trends of Digital Marketing for 2017, and we have some tips to give you. Here are the ones below.